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Gamma-Camera detection can highlight migration to more than 1 lymph node in an average of 20% of patients.

The lack of migration of the radiopharmaceutical in the sentinel lymph node shows up to 15% of cases in previous surgical outcomes because modified lymph drainage.

After the lymphoscintigraphy (with Gamma-Camera in the sample at the side), in the operating room the surgeon can directly identify the sentinel lymph node, up to 16-20 hours after administration of the radiopharmaceutical, through a probe dedicated to radiopharmaceutical surgical navigation.


The Surgeon works directly on the operating bed, guide by the signal emitted from the radiopharmaceutical, previously injected in the patient (in collaboration with Nuclear Medicine Dpt.), in order to trace the suspected target, which cannot be easy identified with traditional methods.
At right, a brief example of the Sentinel Lymph Node (SLN) searching procedure.

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