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On the left side can be seen an hybrid PET/CT, which is a model with LYSO crystal detector, one of the most sensitive kind of crystal-relevator. The modern configuration of this diagnostic device (the "gantry" part) has both closest detectors and electronics in relation to the first instrument's generation.
In the second generation models, the PET/CT assumes a "single-ring" configuration -if observed from the outside- surpassing the past division of the integrated equipment with dual gantry.

The large diameter of the newest transit hole (>70cm passage of the cradle-patient system), in the most recent devices also permits the correct evaluation of obese subjects (> 150 Kg), surpassing many of the artifact associated with them.

Unfortunately, the lesser activity (referring to a radiopharmaceutical dose) for the many different studies is applied only in case of patients weighing less than 70 Kg, with equal scanning time/bed.

PET  (Positron Emission Tomography)
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